“Broadsword calling Danny Boy” signals Where Eagles Dare

It’s so famous because when you think of WHERE EAGLES DARE you think of the classic line “Broadsword calling Danny Boy” but here’s something you don’t know.

A Harvard plane dressed up to look like a German plane in Where Eagles Dare

Those sneaky Harvard planes

WHERE EAGLES DARE is on TV for the umpteenth time but you absolutely have to watch it because it’s so enormously enjoyable.

Just in case you haven’t seen it, this fabulous World War Two action adventure made in 1968, is based on Alistair MacLean’s hugely beloved novel. Set in the winter of 1944, we follow a small, intrepid group of soldiers that are lead by Richard Burton‘s steely Major Smith. Together with Clint Eastwood‘s laconic Lieutenant Schaeffer and Mary Ure‘s gutsy Mary Ellison, their mission is to break into an almost impregnable Nazi-occupied castle to rescue a vitally important American General. And in the course of their mission, when Major Smith radios back to headquarters, he utters the now famous line “Broadsword calling Danny Boy.” Ace.

But what makes this time watching WHERE EAGLES DARE particularly special is that I’m seeing it with my Dad – an absolute air force expert. As we head towards the end of the film and our heroes arrive at the airfield to make their daring escape, a voice pipes up,

“Aaah, three Harvard’s (or AT6 Texan’s) dressed up to look like German planes”.

“Oh”, I say, “so there’s no way they should be there?”

“Well no, they’re American planes which were very popular at the time the film was made in the late 1960s”.

There’s no fooling my Dad. Classic.