Broadsword calling Danny Boy signals Where Eagles Dare

It’s so famous – if you think of Where Eagles Dare, you think of “Broadsword calling Danny Boy”.

Where Eagles Dare aircraftWhere Eagles Dare is on TV for the umpteenth time but what makes this time particularly special is that I’m watching it again with my Dad – an absolute air force expert.

As we head towards the end of the film and the heroes Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood arrive at the airfield, a voice pipes up,

“Aaah, 3 Harvards (or AT6 Texans) dressed up to look like German planes”.

“Oh”, I say, “so there’s no way they should be there?”

“Well no, they’re American planes which were very popular at the time the film was made in the late 60’s”.

There’s no fooling my Dad. Classic.

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