Welcome to JSHmoviestuff and “the movies I think you should see”

Photograph: forgetfulfilmcritic.com

Welcome to JSHmoviestuff! This new film blog is all about my love of cinema and more especially “the movies I think you should see”.

Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman in Se7en

Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman in Se7en

Welcome to JSHmoviestuff feels very cool to say! I’ve started my film blog JSHmoviestuff to write and talk about movies So, from the new releases I love, the classics that I’ve gone back to time and again, the features I’ve just discovered and the gems that have been passed over and deserve their moment in the sun – all that and more will be posted about.

The tagline for my blog is “the movies I think you should see”. And so, of course, the thoughts you’ll read here in my posts are my opinion but I’m hoping that I can create a place that celebrates cinema in all its variety and praises movies, rather than telling you about the films you shouldn’t go and watch. It’s all about the positive experience of seeing a film that can transform your thoughts on the smallest idea to the most epic of concepts.

And that positive experience will range from the mastery of a film like director Carol Reed’s 1949 classic drama THE THIRD MAN to the terrifying power of director David Fincher’s 1997 modern classic thriller SE7EN and everything in-between. Hopefully, you’ll find some interesting stuff to read and there may even be some good film debates to be had along the way.

If you’re ready, let’s clap that clapperboard and shout “Action!