Surviving the horrors of war is the goal in The Yellow Birds

Photo c/o Raising the Bar

Director Alexandre Moors’ debut feature THE YELLOW BIRDS has already been called ‘this year’s Hurt Locker’ – see why from the first trailer that’s now online.

Before we head to a galaxy far, far away with the very talented Alden Ehrenreich for Solo: A Star Wars Story, we can see him in a very different world in the trailer for the upcoming war drama THE YELLOW BIRDS. Based on the best-selling novel by Kevin Powers, it’s adapted by the talented David Lowery who’s written such varied movies such as Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, Pete’s Dragon, and A Ghost Story.

In THE YELLOW BIRDS, we follow two young men: Brandon Bartle (played by Ehrenreich) and Daniel Murphy (the tremendous Tye Sheridan) as they navigate the horrors of the Iraq War. But for Bartle, he can’t stop thinking about the promise he made to Murphy’s mother Maureen (Jennifer Aniston) before being deployed, that he would look after her son no matter what. From the look of the first trailer, it seems as though we’re being taken on a visceral ‘Hurt Locker‘-type journey into the savagery of war, making the film one to definitely see on its release this summer.

Powers’ novel topped the best-seller lists in 2012 and the book draws on his experiences as a Marine in Iraq in 2004-2005. Taking four years to write on his return home, THE YELLOW BIRDS was called ‘poetic, precise, and moving‘ by the U.S National Book Award and it seems as though director Alexandre Moors in his debut feature has captured just those qualities in the screen version.

With a supporting cast that includes the superb Toni Collette, the excellent Jason Patric, and the first-rate Jack Huston, take a look at what’s heading our way…