Be drawn into The Shallows for a white-knuckle thrill

A white-knuckle contest of wills between Blake Lively and a shark looks like a thrilling combination in THE SHALLOWS.

Director Jaume Collet-Serra and writer Anthony Jaswinski have fashioned a great looking, white-knuckle contest of wills with THE SHALLOWS. Blake Lively as medical student Nancy returns to the isolated beach her mother surfed years ago, as a way to reconnect with her mother’s memory, following her recent death. But a seemingly blissful and moving visit becomes a whole lot more terrifying when Nancy realises she’s surfing in the feeding ground of a great white shark.

Collet-Serra has so far given us thrills aplenty with the horror movie Orphan and a brace of Liam Neeson actioners: Unknown and Non-Stop. Here he cranks up the action very nicely indeed as Nancy, a mere 200 yards from the safety of shore, must use all her ingenuity and grit to outwit a shark that just wants a snack.

And I particularly like this trailer sub-titled ‘The Beginning’ which is prettily ingeniously put together. “A little dose of self-reliance can do wonders,” says the slightly smug, well-spoken narrator, sounding straight out of a 1950s motivational film. It’s all about motivating yourself alright as Nancy has to overcome her grief in order to survive. Lively looks as though she’s turning in the kind of standout performance which is not dissimilar to the one her husband Ryan Reynolds gave in his one-person in peril movie Buried. I for one, am thinking of heading down to THE SHALLOWS when it opens in the UK in August.

Take a peak…