The Secret Life of Pets = best teaser trailer ever


Could next year’s THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS have the best teaser trailer ever? I think it could.

I love Chloe. I want a cat like Chloe. She’s the runaway star of the hugely funny teaser trailer for next year’s THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS, a new animated feature ‘From the humans behind Despicable Me‘. After watching it several times, I wondered, is it the best teaser trailer ever? It could well be.

Let me explain why.

Chloe, you see, is one of the inhabitants of an apartment building who we watch on this morning, just like any other, as the owners say goodbye to the likes of aerobatic budgie Sweet Pea, barky pug Mel, fluffy toy dog Gidget, heavy metal-loving poodle Leonard or pretty fish Gino. But it’s Chloe, the big cuddly moggie I fell for – dismissing her bowl of cat food with such disdain in favour of opening the fridge and being dumbstruck at what’s inside – she had me in stitches and I was smitten with her and the movie.

So what happens the minute humans leave their pets for the day? How do they spend their time? We see some answers to those questions here, as well as getting a glimpse in the credits at the end of some of the top-notch cast of comedians that Renaud has assembled for this is – there’s Lake Bell, Louis C.K., Steve Coogan, Kevin Hart, Ellie Kemper and the venerable Albert Brooks. Amazing. But I’m sure there’s plenty more hilarity to be had in summer 2016 when Chris Renaud’s (the Despicable Me genius himself) film opens.

Until then, I think I’ll watch this awesome little movie a few times more. Care to join me?