The Proposal is one romantic and deliciously guilty treat

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds are a perfect couple but in THE PROPOSAL they just don’t know it – yet.

I have to say that when the mood takes you and you need to enjoy the deliciously guilty treat of a romantic comedy THE PROPOSAL with the charming, funny Ryan Reynolds and the pretty sassy Sandra Bullock fits the bill for me.

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds in The Proposal

Sandra Bullock’s Margaret and Ryan Reynolds’ Andrew get up close and personal

It’s the story of poor, put-upon Andrew (Mr Reynolds) who’s assistant and wannabe editor to Margaret (Ms Bullock), the evil queen of the publishing house where they both work. He hates her and is suddenly put in a rather difficult position by his boss – marry Margaret so she doesn’t get deported (she’s from Canada and her visa has expired), otherwise he loses his job.

Simple choice, right?

Margaret is all work and no fun you see, a driven career woman who’s wrapped herself up in her job at the expense of any kind of personal involvement; and Andrew is kind, generous and handsome (the girl in the coffee shop is so sweet on him) but focuses everything into his job, so he can attain that dream role of editor to prove something to his Dad who thinks he’s messing around in New York. You know Margaret and Andrew are a perfect match. They just don’t know it yet.

So, what follows is a long weekend in Alaska visiting Andrew’s parents (who he hasn’t seen for ages because of working 24/7 for Margaret) and much hilarity involving the wedding announcement, ‘how he proposed’ story, a male stripper, a fluffy yapping dog called Kevin, Andrew’s ex-girlfriend, his wacky granny and the terrier-like immigration agent who smells a rat and is on their trail (fantastically played by one of my favourite actors Denis O’Hare).

THE PROPOSAL all ends how it should of course, with romance prevailing and Andrew making Margaret realise that the young man who’s life she’s made hellish but who’s looked after her so brilliantly for the last three years, is, in fact, the man for her. Nice.