Solving a mystery their way are The Nice Guys

In Shane Black’s The Nice Guys, they’re an unlikely detective duo but Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling look dynamite.

Hilarious. That’s the trailer for Shane Black’s not to be missed, up-and-coming comedy thriller The Nice Guys, where we see Russell Crowe team up with Ryan Gosling for a seemingly simple missing person’s case in 70’s Los Angeles.

The Nice GuysBut of course, things aren’t what they seem and very soon Crowe’s rent-a-hard-man Jackson Healy and Gosling’s somewhat low-rent private eye Holland March are neck deep in shootouts and chases.

“One thing we know for sure. Something funny’s going on.” says Crowe at one point and you’d have to agree with him. Also watching Gosling stuck in a toilet cubicle because he’s afraid Crowe will beat him up again, is certainly one virtuoso piece of comedy acting.

It’s all assembled by fantastic writer / director Shane Black, back in Hollywood’s fold again after the billion dollar success of his astounding Iron Man Three. And he’s cast one of the standout stars from that in this, Ty Simpkins who played cute, smart kid Harley and who has recently ran successfully from the dinosaurs in Jurassic World, along with Crowe’s old screen flame (and Oscar-winning co-star) from LA Confidential, Kim Basinger.

There’s the same black comedy edge on display here that Black brought to his terrific 2005 movie Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, where odd couple Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer memorably teamed up to solve another labyrinthine mystery and so I think we’ve got a treat in store when The Nice Guys hits cinemas in early summer next year.

In the meantime, enjoy this…

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