The colours that make up The Hunger Games

Brilliant writer / director Gary Ross talks about creating his vision for THE HUNGER GAMES.

Writer / director Gary Ross

Writer / director Gary Ross

I’m a bit of a fan of brilliant writer / director Gary Ross and I think he has another hit on his hands with his film version of Suzanne Collins’ dystopian novel THE HUNGER GAMES.

His first feature in 1998, Pleasantville, took two modern-day teenagers – Tobey Maguire and Reese Witherspoon – and transported them back to the 1950s where they valuable lessons about life and love. His follow-up in 2003, Seabiscuit – again with Tobey Maguire – was a superbly emotive journey back in time to a 1930s horse race that made history.

Now it looks as though he’s cleverly used an almost Depression-like look for the district where our heroine Katniss Everdeen – the very talented Jennifer Lawrence who impressed so much as the lead in the 2010 independent drama Winter’s Bone – comes from, in contrast to the ultra futuristic look of the Capitol who control everyone’s fate. In this interview, Ross discusses the rhythm, the feel and the colours that make up THE HUNGER GAMES…

Bringing The Hunger Games to life