What could possibly go wrong when you’re The Front Runner?

Hugh Jackman and writer/director Jason Reitman bring us the presidential campaign that changed American politics in THE FRONT RUNNER.

Things always look rosy when you’re THE FRONT RUNNER. But for Gary Hart, who was in just such a position in the 1988 presidential campaign, everything was about to fall apart. In the new film by the award-winning writer/director Jason Reitman, we watch not only Hart’s public and personal life implode but also how the events changed American politics.

And the first trailer for the movie that’s just hit the web, set aptly to the toe-tapping track ‘Sinner Man’, is a cracker. We see Hart, in a surely awards-worthy performance by the wonderful Hugh Jackman, played as a passionate and principled senator. However, his courting of the media to get his political message across then sees Hart trying to escape the reporters’ attention when it’s discovered he may not be whiter than white and in the midst of an extra-marital affair. The Oscar-winning J.K. Simmons plays Hart’s longtime friend and campaign manager Bill Dixon, who tries to stem the tide of press interest in Hart when the story is about to break. And the brilliant Vera Farmiga, who was so spot-on in Reitman’s earlier movie Up in the Air plays Hart’s increasingly beleaguered wife Lee – “the one thing I asked was that you don’t embarrass me”.

THE FRONT RUNNER is premiering at the current Telluride Film Festival and will then also be seen at the imminent Toronto Film Festival, before opening in the U.S. at election time in November and the UK in January 2019. It looks to be a more dramatic addition to Reitman’s filmography than his recent comedy-drama Tully (which I still have to see) or his Oscar-winning Juno. And alongside Jackman, Simmons and Farmiga, he’s gathered a very impressive cast to bring to life this story based on Matt Bai’s book ‘All the Truth is Out”. There’s one of Variety’s ’10 Actors to Watch’ Kaitlyn Dever as Hart’s daughter Andrea, the illustrious Kevin Pollak, and the splendid Alfred Molina.

So cast your vote for THE FRONT RUNNER as I think it could be one of the movies that’s front and centre in the upcoming awards season.