A Hero Will Rise in The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises can’t arrive soon enough after watching this devastating new trailer.

The Dark Knight Rises I wasn’t sure that the 2nd trailer for The Dark Knight Rises could be bettered – the sweet but ever so eerie singing of The Star-Spangled Banner by the young boy, over images of a football field being laid waste to by an explosion and Gotham falling apart whilst a villainous masked man looked on – but yes, it can! Starting this time with single high piano notes that build to almost unbearable tension, the majestically brilliant film maker Christopher Nolan gives us pain – Bruce is beaten and broken, begging for his life; he gives us loss – Gotham mourning the void where Batman no longer seems to exist; he gives us hope – the Dark Knight pledging to give everything in one final stand; and finally, he gives us the brilliantly, sharp humour that these films have always displayed – “My mother warned me about getting into cars with strange men. This isn’t a car.” You are a legend, Mr Wayne. July 20th, please come quickly : 3rd Dark Knight Rises trailer

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