Batman is coming back for one last time in The Dark Knight Rises

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES isn’t released in the UK until July 20th, 2012 but that date can’t come soon enough for us to see the final film in this epic Batman trilogy.

All good things must come to an end and I’m sure THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, visionary writer/director Christopher Nolan’s final chapter in his extraordinary, revisionist Batman trilogy will be amazing. Perhaps the most hotly anticipated film in many a year and following 2008’s $1 billion-plus grossing second film The Dark Knight will be no small feat. But I think Nolan has it covered from the look of this incredibly exciting teaser trailer that’s just been released.

From what we know about the new film, we pick up the action eight years after the events of The Dark Knight when Batman had heroically taken the fall for Aaron Eckart’s marvellously District Attorney Harvey Dent’s actions. Now the Gotham City avenger has disappeared and Bruce Wayne is a recluse in Wayne Manor with only the reliable Alfred in attendance (the always-winning Michael Caine – now definitely a Nolan alumnus as this is the fifth feature he’s now been in). So, will we ever see the caped crusader again?

And you can almost feel that anticipation in this exchange between Gary Oldman‘s fantastic Commissioner Gordon and Christian Bale‘s terrifically conflicted hero Bruce Wayne:

“The Batman has to come back.

What if he doesn’t exist anymore?

He must… he must…”

So let’s take a look at the teaser trailer and begin the journey…