A day in the life of The Assistant makes very compelling viewing

Writer/director Kitty Green’s new drama THE ASSISTANT with a spellbinding central performance from Julia Garner looks a must-see.

You just know when you watch a brilliantly put-together trailer that the film itself will be on your must-see list and that’s what I felt the minute I saw THE ASSISTANT. Writer/director Kitty Green who’s made a name for herself in the documentary arena now switches to narrative features with her new drama.

Jane (a spellbinding turn from Julia Garner on the strength of the trailer) is two months into her role as an assistant to a powerful executive. In a meeting with a superior, played by the fantastic Matthew Macfadyen, he says,

“It’s a tough job but I can see you’ve got what it takes.”

Has she though? We watch as Jane navigates her way through her daily routine of making coffee, photocopying material, ordering lunch for her colleagues, taking messages and dealing with callers. And we begin to notice how the tasks she is given and the expectations that are placed on her, are starting to affect her. That below the surface of this seemingly collected young woman is a person who is deeply troubled by what he sees in this toxic work environment. You can’t fail to think of Harvey Weinstein as the executive as you watch the trailer but at the same time, what makes Green’s new film a timely addition to the #MeToo movement is that this could be any corporate company where power is abused by those at the top.

Although the movie has already been released in the U.S., make sure you keep an eye out for THE ASSISTANT on its U.K. release which will hopefully be very soon. Film Comment has called it “a quiet scream” and that seems a very apt description as you watch the increasingly tense trailer – take a look…