“Start looking at the world in a new way” with Christopher Nolan’s Tenet

The visionary writer/director Christopher Nolan will take us on a mind-bending, time-travelling journey to prevent World War Three in his latest action thriller, TENET.

I’ve spoken before on this blog about how every Christopher Nolan film is “an event” and, as such, should be seen in the cinema. His new film, with the elliptical title of TENET, will be no less than that, I’m sure. As ever, details of the plot are sketchy but the visionary writer/director seems to have created another mind-bending epic in the style of his 2010 mega-smash Inception with possibly an element of time travel by the look of the fab trailer that wowed the net four months ago.

Not posting about it then, I felt that now seemed strangely appropriate because TENET may be the first film we’re able to go and see in the cinema when we emerge from lockdown. At the time of writing, it’s valiantly hanging on to its U.K. release date of 17 July unlike other summer movies such as Black Widow and Top Gun: Maverick who have moved their openings to later in 2020. I’m all for that July release date being kept and also I thought that highlighting one of the major lines from the trailer in the title of my post was even more fitting due to our present global situation.

So, what’s in store for us with this new action thriller? Well, cast-wise the ever-present and ever-marvellous Michael Caine is back for his eighth Nolan picture and the leading role this time is played by John David Washington fresh from his first-rate performance in Spike Lee’s superb BlacKkKlansman. Joining Washington in what looks like a partner capacity is Robert Pattinson who is rapidly becoming one of the most fascinating young actors in cinema today. With his deft choices of independent, auteur filmmakers to collaborate alongside, including in the last three years the Safdie Brothers on Good Time, Claire Denis on High Life and most recently Robert Eggers on The Lighthouse, he’s now returning to the mainstream with this film before embarking on The Batman. There’s a nice kind of symmetry as Nolan is the greatest example of an auteur in the mainstream and he created the definitive incarnation of the Gotham City caped crusader with his Dark Knight trilogy.

Nolan’s marvellous casting choices in the supporting roles include one of his Dunkirk stars Kenneth Branagh, the terrific Elizabeth Debicki and I’m always pleased to see the fantastic Martin Donovan on the big screen (of course in Nolan’s Insomnia way back in 2002), playing a pivotal part in the trailer.

Finally, it’s the brilliant Clemence Poesy who imparts us with key information such as the fact that Washington has to prevent World War Three – wow! – so I’m certainly crossing my fingers to be front and centre of any cinema if we’re able to enjoy TENET on its July release. But before that, let’s take a look that fab trailer again.

“Don’t try to understand it. Feel it.”