Information is the end game for Snowden

Oliver Stone’s version of the CIA whistleblower’s story looks an intense and exciting one in Snowden.

Edward Snowden, realising that what he’s done – remove thousands of classified documents from the CIA – will have enormous consequences for both himself and the people he’s told, is just one of the intensely exciting moments of the first trailer for Oliver Stone’s new movie Snowden.

“They’re gonna come for me. They’re gonna come for all of you too.”

As always with Oliver Stone, who’s given us real-life biographies on the likes of Nixon, The Doors, Alexander and George W. Bush to date – as well as my personal favourite JFK – we’ll see a film that may offer a controversial take on its subject but also one that will thrill and entertain us in equal measure. Here, he and co-screenwriter Kieran Fitzgerald have adapted 2 books by Luke Harding and Anatoly Kucherena for their story and so we should see a fairly interesting account of the CIA whistleblower and the reasons which led him to take such exteme action.

The wonderful Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Snowden and he’s joined by the usual brilliant collection of actors that Stone assembles to round out the supporting cast – Shailene Woodley is his girlfriend Lindsay Mills, Tom Wilkinson is Guardian journalist Ewan MacAskill, Zachary Quinto is lawyer and journalist Glenn Greenwald and Melissa Leo is documentarian Laura Poitras (of the 2014 Oscar-winning film on Snowden, Citizenfour). And then you also have Nicolas Cage, Timothy Olyphant, Rhys Ifans, Scott Eastwood and Joely Richardson. Superb.

So take a look at that exciting trailer I mentioned in preparation for the movie’s autumn release…


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