For Bond and M it’s all about resurrection in Skyfall

Following the brilliant teaser trailer we had a while back, here’s the full-on, full-length official trailer for the next James Bond mission: SKYFALL.

Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes looks like he’s pulled out all the stops with SKYFALL. I’m getting very good vibes for his take on 007 – otherwise known as ‘Bond 23’ – following the quite brilliant teaser trailer that debuted in May.  So, now we have the full-on, full-length official trailer and we find a little bit more about the film in which M initially has to write Bond’s obituary.

Being shot in the line fo duty on another dangerous mission, this time alongside a new agent played by Naomi Harris, Daniel Craig’s Bond seems quite happy pretending to be dead. But a deadly attack on the MI6 headquarters brings him back to London to protect his wonderful steely boss M (an always sublime Judi Dench) who appears to be the target.

Mendes has gathered together a top-notch cast to surround Craig and Dench on this long-awaited return to the Bond universe. The amazing Ralph Fiennes, Ben Whishaw and the aforementioned Naomi Harris look like they’re on our side for Queen and country. The Oscar-winning Javier Bardem looks like he most certainly isn’t.

“Well, everybody needs a hobby.

So what’s yours?


Let’s be shaken and stirred with SKYFALL…