When faced with The Sisters Brothers “you better run for your life”

John C. Reilly and Joaquin Phoenix are the eponymous siblings in Jacques Audiard’s amazing-looking new film THE SISTERS BROTHERS.

I know that I’ve already posted about the first trailer for THE SISTERS BROTHERS. But, you see, it’s the new film by the incomparable writer/director Jacques Audiard who’s one of my favourite filmmakers. And it won him the ‘Silver Lion’ at this year’s Venice Film Festival in September. I’ve also just been wowed by watching its UK premiere at the recent London Film Festival – of which more in my forthcoming LFF post – and as this final trailer, set to a plaintive and bewitching western-type ballad, gives you a whole new flavour of the movie, I simply had to write about it.

Just to recap, THE SISTERS BROTHERS is based on a 2011 novel by Canadian novelist and screenwriter Patrick deWitt. It’s a western. Sort of. What I mean by that is that it’s set in America in the 1850s in the height of the gold rush fever but this is very much a character-driven drama set inside the western format. Anyone and everyone travelled west to try their prospecting luck and strike it rich and one such gentleman is Hermann Kermit Warm, played by the terrific Riz Ahmed. He’s a chemist who has come up with a clever way of locating the gold. But he’s got trouble on his tail in the form of the eponymous siblings, Eli and Charlie Sisters. They are chalk n’ cheese brothers – one reckless and the other thoughtful – who’ve made their living tracking down and killing people for their boss, The Commodore. And they are played by the mercurial Joaquin Phoenix and the ever-brilliant John C. Reilly.

There’s also a fourth element to the proceedings in the shape of the enigmatic John Morris, who befriends Warm in his travels west. He’s played by the outstanding Jake Gyllenhaal and it’s great fun to watch him and his Nightcrawler co-star Ahmed portray a very different relationship here.

As I said, I was wowed by this movie and as it’s not getting a UK release until April 2019, enjoy the pleasures that the film will bring until then by watching this killer trailer…