The genius and tragedy of Senna

Asif Kapadia’s moving documentary Senna about the brilliant life and tragic death of the Formula One racing driver is unmissable.

I can’t believe I’ve taken so long to see it when people have raved about it. I now understand why they did, because I’ve just seen Senna.

SennaThe astonishing documentary by Asif Kapadia telling the brilliant but short life of a man whom many think was the greatest motor racing driver who ever lived is Senna. He started in go-karting and ended as triple Formula One Champion. He was intelligent, deeply spiritual and a genius when he got behind a wheel. He had a famous rivalry with Alain Prost. He constantly challenged the way the sport of motor racing was run. He was an absolute icon to the people of Brazil. All this and more we see in Kapadia’s film and what he does quite superbly, unlike other documentaries I’ve seen, is to not have the ‘talking heads’ recounting what the person was like but instead purely use the footage from the time to tell what happened – by doing so, he creates the feeling of you actually being there and witnessing this story as it unfolds.

This is simply immediate, moving, brilliant film-making. See it.

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