Richard Linklater – I’m kind of feeling something

Writer / director Richard Linklater talks romance, relationships and realisations…

Before MidnightIn his new film Before Midnight, the latest instalment of the enduring romance between Jesse and Celine – otherwise known as the charismatic Ethan Hawke and the luminous Julie Delpy – writer / director Richard Linklater allows us to dip once again into one of cinema’s loveliest love stories.

But although it’s probably the Before… films he’s most known for, he’s produced a really varied body of work from School of Rock (my personal favourite of his) to Dazed and Confused, from A Scanner Darkly to Me and Orson Welles and most recently, reuniting with Jack Black for the very black comedy Bernie.

Here he discusses the dynamic between himself and his 2 stars and co-creators of this fantastic series and how they had to bring ‘the “ugly” honesty of real-life love’ to this instalment.

Let’s go Before Midnight


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