There are no false moves with the ultimate chess match in Pawn Sacrifice

Tobey Maguire and director Edward Zwick make the ultimate chess match compelling viewing in PAWN SACRIFICE.

PAWN SACRIFICE looks incredibly compelling. Premiering at the 2014 Toronto Film Festival but with a trailer just hitting the web and really impressing me, director Edward Zwick’s dramatisation of the legendary chess match in 1972 between American chess prodigy Bobby Fischer and Russian World Champion Boris Spassky, makes for powerful viewing.

Zwick’s body of work is nothing if not diverse. It encompasses everything from the amazing Oscar-winning civil war account Glory, to the Desert Storm drama Courage Under Fire and my personal favourite, the political thriller Blood Diamond. So he knows something about riveting storytelling. He’s helped here by a script from Steven Knight, whose Locke was one of the standout dramas of last year and a cast as perfect as you wish for – Tobey Maguire plays Fischer, Liev Schreiber is Spassky and the supporting players include the up-and-coming Lily Rabe, the excellent Michael Stulbarg and the brilliant Peter Saarsgard.

On the strength of this well-put-together trailer, containing more than a few echoes for me of Ron Howard’s Frost/Nixon which dramatised another historical face-off so superbly, PAWN SACRIFICE looks like a movie to catch.