Here you’ll find interviews with key film artists as well as my spotlight on notable movies worth looking out for.

Cameron Crowe on the classic Jerry Maguire line ‘I just thought, “I’m in”‘

The brilliant writer/director on working with Tom Cruise and directing bears.

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The day after the night before at the Academy Awards.

At the 84th Academy Awards, I say come on The Artist!

Fingers crossed for a little French film on Oscar's big night!

Recreating a true crime case so brilliantly, it’s an A for Zodiac

David Fincher's edge-of-the-seat thriller recreates history so expertly.

It’s Hulk versus The Incredible Hulk in a game of two green monsters

Let's take a look to see which big green guy is the winner.

Get to know the dynamically cool Vincent Cassel up close

Let's chat with the magnificent French actor.