Here you’ll find my portraits of major artists and analysis of film trends as well as my annual review of the year in film.

JSHmoviestuff Review of 2017: “To strangers”

My pick of the cinematic moments of the last 12 months can be found here.

Denis Villeneuve – the director where the accent is on amazing

It's time to celebrate one of the most talented directors currently working in film.

JSHmoviestuff Review of 2016: “Memory is a strange thing”

The movies that thrilled me over the last 12 months are right here.

Marion Cotillard – all hail an actress extraordinaire

She's the greatest actress in cinema today.

JSHmoviestuff Review of 2015: “so much bigger than the little pieces”

Here's my round-up of the great movies I saw over the last 12 months.

Michael Keaton: an unquestionably dynamic magic man

It's great to see this wonderful actor back in a leading role and maybe it'll take him all the way to the Oscars.