A Most Wanted Man and God’s Pocket show Hoffman’s flair

Philip Seymour Hoffman certainly left us with some great work and the trailers for 2 of his final movies, A Most Wanted Man and God’s Pocket, show his consummate flair.

It’s always hard to look back at the work of someone you admire who’s no longer with us and Philip Seymour Hoffman gave us so many great performances. During the same week, we saw trailers for 2 of his final roles released and they certainly remind us of the diversity and brilliance of what he could do on screen.

A Most Wanted ManThe first is Anton Corbijn’s new movie, the thriller A Most Wanted Man, an adaptation of John le Carre’s spy novel and which follows his tremendous The American with George Clooney. Here we see Hoffman as cool, calm German intelligence agent Gunther Bachmann, caught up in an ever escalating series of events surrounding a Chechen Muslim and the war on terror. Alongside the great sounding screenplay by Andrew Bovell, a top flight supporting cast is on hand including Rachel McAdams, Willem Dafoe, Daniel Bruhl and Robin Wright. Looks not to be missed…

Gods PocketThe second is superb Mad Men actor John Slattery’s debut film as a director, a dark comedy drama set in the working class neighbourhood of God’s Pocket. Here Hoffman’s Mickey struggles to keep everyone happy when a construction accident leaves a dead body that no one except the boy’s mother misses, leaving him the not enviable task of fixing everything. With a cast that has surely been drawn not only to working with Slattery but also the spot-on screenplay by Alex Metcalf from Peter Dexter’s novel, we have John Turturro, Richard Jenkins, Eddie Marsan and Mad Men alumni Christina Hendricks. Looks a gem…

You can see once more how great Philip Seymour Hoffman was and sadly again, how much he’ll be missed.

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