Wake up to Morning Glory – a truly glorious romantic comedy

Rachel McAdams is on sparkling form in director Roger Michell’s truly glorious romantic comedy MORNING GLORY.

Feeling in a romantic comedy mood, I thought I’d try out a recent release MORNING GLORY and I so have to tell you about it! I obviously don’t see things in quite the same way as certain mainstream movie critics do, because this glorious film doesn’t seem to have been really lauded on its release earlier this year but I found it utterly winning. Director Roger Michell certainly knows how to put together a top-class romantic comedy, because he made of one of the best in Notting Hill and here he’s done it again – a good set up, a terrifically witty script and a bunch of great actors.

Patrick Wilson and Rachel McAdams in Morning Glory

Patrick Wilson as Adam and Rachel McAdams as Becky hit it off

I’m not sure enough praise has been heaped Rachel McAdams‘ way in my opinion. From her fantastic and varied roles in movies so wildly different, including Mean Girls, The Notebook, Wedding Crashers, State of Play (matching Russell Crowe in every scene they were in which is no mean feat) and just recently Midnight in Paris, she has to be one of the most interesting actresses around doing comedy or drama with aplomb.

Her performance here as the eager, always sunny and forever upbeat Becky Fuller (“I’m not gonna sing!”) is fabulous. Grabbing with both hands the Executive Producer job on Daybreak, the fourth-place cable morning programme that nobody really takes notice of, we watch her battle and triumph is not only her professional life by rejuvenating the show but also in her pretty disastrous personal life, by bewitching the most gorgeously eligible guy for miles.

And if we’re talking praise, let’s throw some Patrick Wilson‘s way too. As he shows here how a beautifully simple and straightforward performance can light up the role of ‘the boyfriend’, appropriately called Adam. He’s McAdams’s equal in a male sense, being so stunning in diverse roles from the hard-hitting indies Hard Candy and Little Children to the comic book Watchmen and The A-Team big-screen remake (“Whoah, that’s awesome. It’s just like Call of Duty!”). What a duo they make.

Rachel McAdams and Harriosn Ford in Morning Glory

McAdams also makes a connection with Harrison Ford’s esteemed reporter Mike Pomeroy

So, who can keep these two on their toes, on camera and off? Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton, that’s who. As the Daybreak co-anchors, the curmudgeonly veteran news reporter Mike Pomeroy who’s now nowhere on anyone’s radar and the ex-beauty queen Colleen Peck who’s been stuck with a series of dumber than dumb co-hosts before being matched with Pomeroy, they bicker and ‘banter’ deliciously and provide the winning formula for the show’s success.

Add to that the spectacular Jeff Goldblum, providing his trademark acidic wit as the network’s exec Jerry Barnes, a gorgeously crumpled John Pankow as Becky’s colleague Larry Bergman, and a hilarious cameo from Ty Burrell as Paul McVee, the previous anchor with a very unusual hobby and you’ve got a pretty ace company to give you a sweet, romantic and funny movie.

MORNING GLORY all ends how it should – just like another romantic comedy fave The Proposal – but not before we’ve witnessed the re-birth of Ford’s Pomeroy showing us what he does best – the unexpected – done his way of course… 

“and that’s what makes them… fluffy”.