The beautiful trailer for Moneyball makes this true story a real winner

Brad Pitt and baseball are a winning combination in the beautiful trailer for director Bennett Miller’s new film, MONEYBALL.

Director-to-watch Bennett Miller‘s new film MONEYBALL starring Brad Pitt is released in the UK today. And I can’t wait to see it after watching this beautiful trailer for it that I’ve just caught online.

This is only Miller’s second feature, following his incredible debut Capote in 2005 for which he received an Academy Award nomination as ‘Best Director’ and the film for ‘Best Picture’. But it was the spectacular lead performance by the great Philip Seymour Hoffman as Truman Capote that was honoured with a well-deserved Oscar on the night. Now he teams up with Seymour Hoffman again and looks at another true story for MONEYBALL.

And, did I mention that the film stars Brad Pitt?! It charts a particular and extraordinary period in the history of the Oakland A’s baseball team in 2002. Pitt is general manager Billy Beane (great name), at a low point at the end of the latest season after his best players are bought from him by the big clubs with money. How can he compete with them in any way with the meagre resources he has? Hope comes in the unlikely form of Yale economics graduate Peter Brand – a brilliant-looking dramatic performance from one of the go-to young comedy stars Jonah Hill. Brand looks at making the most of the players that Beane has and buying the ones which every other team has overlooked for some reason. A crazy concept but it might just work. Resistance to this new way of playing the game comes in the form of the team’s manager Art Howe (a wonderfully gruff Philip Seymour Hoffman) but even he might be conceived if the new team do, in fact, start winning.

One other thing – the screenplay is by two of the best writers in film right now: Steven Zaillian and Aaron Sorkin!

Have I piqued your interest? Mine certainly is and so, for the moment, let’s go back to the film’s beautiful trailer. Oh wow! As I said, when I saw this I thought it really looks like an absolute winner of a movie.

Take a look…