Megamind is mega-tastic

What a mega-tastic joy is Megamind.

A cleverly plotted homage to all those Superman, Spider-Man even The Incredibles superhero movies, as well as nicely tongue-in-cheek in tone, that’s Megamind.

MegamindThe casting of someone who could embody such an evil genius in all his posturing, comedic and darkly conflicted brilliance was surely a no-brainer, because who else could you choose but Will Ferrell? I’ve loved his recent dramatic (non-animated) performances in films like Stranger Than Fiction and the new Everything Must Go but that in no way means ignoring his fantastic comedic performances in my personal favourites, Semi-Pro and Land of the Lost“Don’t forget to point your toe!”

Added to this, everybody’s favourite comedienne right now, Tina Fey is sassy reporter Roxanne, along with the brilliant Jonah Hill as nemesis Titan and a cheeky Brad Pitt in a hilarious cameo as Metro City’s favourite superhero Metro Man and this was a really fun 90 minutes. They have a way to go before they hit the phenomenal scoring rate of Pixar but nice one Dreamworks and producer Ben Stiller.

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