Megamind is a megatastic voiced animated treat from Dreamworks

What a mega-tastic joy is the new animated movie MEGAMIND.

A very cleverly plotted homage to all those Superman, Spider-Man, and even The Incredibles superhero movies with its tongue firmly planted in its cheek, that’s the new Dreamworks animated movie MEGAMIND.

Will Ferrell is Megamind

Will Ferrell is Megamind

Director Tom McGrath and writers Alan Schoolcraft and Brett Simons have fashioned this comedy about a devilish super-villain whose life falls apart when he finally defeats his nemesis, the superhero Metro Man and finds he has no-one left to fight. Life in his hometown of Metro City becomes super boring but perhaps he needs to change his wicked ways to move forward? And maybe then he could even find love?

The casting of someone who could embody such an evil genius in all his posturing, comedic and darkly conflicted brilliance was surely a no-brainer, because who else could you choose but Will Ferrell? I’ve loved his recent dramatic (non-animated) performances in films like Stranger Than Fiction and the new Everything Must Go but that in no way means ignoring his fantastic comedic performances in my personal favourites, the basketball comedy Semi-Pro and the super wacky adventure Land of the Lost.

Added to this, the supporting cast of voices are simply top-notch. Everybody’s top comedienne right now Tina Fey is on point as Roxanne Ritchie, sassy reporter, and girlfriend to Metro Man. The brilliant Jonah Hill is wannabe baddie Titan and there’s even a cheeky Brad Pitt in a hilarious cameo as Metro Man – “You can’t trap justice! It’s an idea, a BELIEF!”

MEGAMIND is a really fun way to spend 90 minutes and although they may have a way to go before they hit the phenomenal scoring rate of Pixar, it’s a nice one on this Dreamworks and producer Ben Stiller!