In the incredible-looking Man of Steel, how about Super…

From the trailers we’ve seen so far, I think we need to get ready for more than Super… with director Zack Snyder’s MAN OF STEEL.

I think MAN OF STEEL will be super!

The two teaser trailers that we saw last summer showed, even in a tiny sense, what director Zack Snyder and writer David S. Goyer have brought to this famous story of a boy from Krypton who grows up on Earth to become one of the most beloved superheroes of them all, Superman. And what have they brought to their new version, MAN OF STEEL?

In the teaser, we had a powerful, almost mystical beauty with shots like the young Clark playing in the garden, wearing a red blanket as a cape, hinting at the greatness to come. It certainly brought a lump to my throat. And then with Russell Crowe as father Jor-El and Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent providing the voiceovers (and gravitas), they paved the way nicely for the first full-length trailer at the end of last year which culminated with the narration by Henry Cavill‘s caped hero asking us our thoughts about this new arrival on planet Earth –

“What do you think?”

So with less than two months to go before its release, we have the super-looking final trailer, clocking in at a longer than usual three minutes and showing us a wealth of fantastic moments and images from the movie. As Amy Adams‘ sure-to-be-brilliant Lois Lane asks our hero,

“What does the ‘S’ stand for?… 

How about Super…”