Now he’s on planet Earth, don’t miss this Man of Steel

Having arrived on DVD and Blu-ray, make sure you catch Earth’s newest hero in Man of Steel.

Man of Steel_the cast

“Welcome to The Planet.

Glad to be here Lois”.

Man of Steel is just fantastic. Having just watched Zack Snyder’s epic new version of the Superman legend again, now it’s arrived on DVD and Blu-ray, it really is one of the most exciting and emotional of the superhero films that were released this year. An origins story of how the boy who grew up in Kansas as Clark Kent, discovered he was somebody quite different. And what a somebody – the son of Russell Crowe’s superb statesman Jor-El from the planet Krypton. Very cool.

But Clark, played terrifically by Henry Cavill with the right mix of ordinary joe quietness and let’s be honest ‘steel’, is not only having to find out who he really is and where he came from but also decide whether to trust the inhabitants of a certain planet Earth when the formidable General Zod (a stunning Michael Shannon) arrives from Krypton with vengeance and violence on his mind. In Clark’s corner though, he has his pretty super adopted parents Jonathan and Martha Kent, played with spot-on brilliance by Kevin Costner and Diane Lane and of course a certain sassy Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane, who Amy Adams instills with a true grit that certainly makes her a wonderful match for our hero.

I celebrated the film big-time on its release with my Man of Steel review and sometimes it felt like I was one of the lone voices who heralded this movie, when there were many other critics who weren’t as positive. Oh well – it’s their loss. I think it’s a superb movie and so if you haven’t seen it yet, catch it now!

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