Say hello to a very charming odd couple in Long Shot

Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron are the ‘unlikely but not impossible’ couple at the centre of the good-looking romantic comedy LONG SHOT.

The poster for the good-looking romantic comedy LONG SHOT calls the idea of Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron as a couple, ‘Unlikely but not Impossible’. But that’s just what might happen when the free-spirited journalist with a great name, Fred Flarsky (Rogen) reconnects with his old babysitter and childhood crush Charlotte Field (Theron). The only slight wrinkle in this scenario is that Charlotte is the Secretary of State and planning on making a run for the Presidency. Hmmm.

From the first trailer that’s recently debuted online, you’re charmed by the idea of funnyman Rogen teaming up with acting powerhouse Theron in a comedy romance. And that’s mirrored when you see fish-out-of-water Flarsky as he’s hired by Charlotte in an impulsive moment to be one of her speechwriters. Cue sparks definitely flying.

Setting LONG SHOT in our very present day, it looks as though screenwriters Liz Hannah (who scripted the brilliant The Post) and Dan Sterling (one of the writers on tv smash Girls) along with director Jonathan Levine, have managed to mix politics and romantic comedy really effectively, allowing us an entertaining ride that still comments on these strange political times we find ourselves in. The two leads look fab together and the supporting cast includes the terrific Bob Odenkirk as a slightly daffy President (!) and Alexander Skarsgard as a ridiculously attractive Prime Minister.

Take a look…