Whoah – I want to be Limitless!

Neil Burger’s visually stunning Limitless journeys into Bradley Cooper’s mind.

Bradley Cooper in LimitlessWhat a great vehicle Limitless is for Bradley Cooper and it’s also another smartly presented piece of work from director Neil Burger. I loved Burger’s The Illusionist and this is a similarly character driven journey of reality and fantasy, inventively shot and anchored by a terrific performance from Bradley Cooper who is fast developing into an actor who makes really interesting choices.

He’s had his comedy period with roles in films like Wedding Crashers and The Hangover (although I thought Phil Wenneck was a pretty conflicted dark character) and now its seems he’s opening up the image that’s been created of him recently – leading man / sex symbol, particularly highlighted in The A-Team and The Hangover – to explore more complex and questionable characters like Eddie Morra in this film. Perhaps his executive producer credit on the movie enforces that, as it’s given him an opportunity to do something different – based on this, I look forward to seeing what other kinds of roles he chooses in future.

In another review I read for Limitless recently, it was commented that no one since Ralph Fiennes has had such striking eyes on film and Cooper’s are certainly used to great effect here, in a movie that’s all about what’s going on behind the eyes. Added to this are the super talented Abbie Cornish (must catch her in Jane Campion’s Bright Star as it’s supposed to be amazing), the brilliant and almost unrecognisable in this Anna Friel and a certain Mr Robert De Niro (there’s a great speech from him about earning what you acquire), this is a fab way to see what might be possible in terms of existing in a very different mind-altered state before we know it.

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