I know I’m going to be captivated by LA LA LAND

After watching this teaser trailer, I’m in a swoon over Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in the upcoming new musical romance LA LA LAND.

Golly! Writer/director Damien Chazelle who gave us the memorable, Oscar-nominated jazz drama Whiplash is back with a dazzlingly gorgeous looking new film, LA LA LAND – and I’m captivated already.

This time, he’s collaborating with that dynamite romantic pairing of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. They, of course, have already having wowed us as Jacob and Hannah in the comedy Crazy, Stupid, Love. and as Jerry and Grace in the crime drama Gangster Squad. Now they are jazz pianist Sebastian and aspiring actress Mia in this new musical romance. And watching them in a montage of images, set against the plaintive ‘City of Stars’ sung by Gosling in the trailer that’s just hit the web, I’m in a complete swoon!

With the rest of the story under wraps, what we do know is that Chazelle has brought back his Oscar-winning star of Whiplash, J.K. Simmons and joining him in the cast are Finn Whitrock, recently seen alongside Gosling as part of the ensemble in the absolutely stunning The Big Short and Rosemarie DeWitt, who was superb as Jeremy Renner’s wife in the absorbing drama Kill the Messenger.

I think it’s safe to say when LA LA LAND premieres at this year’s Venice film festival at the end of August, we’ll all be making a date in our diaries for its cinema release. Why might you ask?

Watch the trailer and you’ll see why…