Get ready for Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker to astonish us

The teaser trailer for JOKER has hit the web, so get ready to be wowed by Todd Phillips’ new film starring the incredible Joaquin Phoenix.

Taking on an iconic role whose last portrayal – by the deservedly Oscar-winning Heath Ledger – remains one of the great cinematic performances, is no easy task. But if anyone can astonish us with his take on the JOKER, it’s the dazzling Joaquin Phoenix. And that’s plain to see in the teaser trailer that hit the web a few days ago. I’ve watched it several times now and think the new film will be essential viewing come October when it’s released in the U.K.

“Is it just me, or is it getting crazier out there?”

The big coup for this new version of the iconic comic book character is undoubtedly its lead. I recently celebrated the phenomenal talent of Joaquin Phoenix in a post and the mix of his soft, sweet voice with his ability for conveying devastating rage seems a perfect combination for Arthur Fleck, the failed stand-up comedian who goes insane and becomes a truly terrifying murderer.

“I used to think my life was a tragedy. But now I realise, it’s a comedy.”

Director Todd Phillips has a CV of more comedic fare, from Old School with Will Ferrell and Starsky & Hutch with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson to the wonderfully anarchic The Hangover series. But as comedy and tragedy sit so close to each other, he looks like a great choice for this origin story of how probably the most celebrated supervillain that Batman ever had to face comes into being. He’s certainly cracked it on the casting front because alongside Phoenix, there’s Zazie Beetz from Atlanta, Frances Conroy from American Horror Story and Six Feet Under, Brett Cullen from True Detective 3 and The Dark Knight Rises and the one and only Robert De Niro. You’ll see them all in this teaser, brilliantly scored to a background of Nat King Cole’s classic song,

‘You’ll find that life is still worthwhile
If you just smile.’

WOW. Take a look…