Take me to the Isle of Dogs!

Wes Anderson brings us another animated delight with his new movie Isle of Dogs.

His 2009 animated film of my favourite Roald Dahl story Fantastic Mr. Fox was a marvel. Now the wonderful writer / director Wes Anderson has brought us another – his new movie Isle of Dogs takes us to Japan to tell what looks like an enchanting tale of a boy searching for his lost dog.

With a vocal cast to match, or even exceed, the amazing one he assembled for his sublime The Grand Budapest Hotel we have (deep breath and not in alphabetical order)

Bryan Cranston
Edward Norton
Bill Murray
Jeff Goldblum
F. Murray Abraham
Scarlett Johansson
Frances McDormand
Greta Gerwig
Ken Watanabe
Tilda Switon
Liev Schreiber
Harvey Keitel
Fisher Stevens
Bob Balaban
Courtney B. Vance
Yoko Ono!


So get ready for next year’s April release date by watching the first trailer that’s just hit the web. It’s a doozy!



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