‘So fare thee well my own true love’ heralds Inside Llewyn Davis

Be stunned by the beautiful trailer for the Coen brothers new movie INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS.

Joel and Ethan Coen are currently the toast of this year’s Cannes Film Festival with their new film INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS. Set in New York in 1961, we follow a week in the life of a fictional folk singer (just before a certain Bob Dylan came along) as he struggles to achieve success, along the way meeting the usual, wonderful array of Coen-esque characters played by a top-notch cast – this time it’s Carey Mulligan, F. Murray Abraham, Garrett Hedlund, Justin Timberlake, Adam Driver and returning Coen alumni John Goodman.

And what adds to the poignancy of his journey is the wistful song ‘So far thee well my own true love’ that is used so brilliantly in this first trailer. Playing Llewyn, in pretty much his first leading man role, is Oscar Isaac who I’ve thought has been a stellar screen presence with his supporting performances in movies such as Drive, Robin Hood, The Bourne Legacy and Body of Lies. Now he gets his moment to shine and judging from the word at Cannes, it’s a fantastic performance in a film that critics are calling “genius”.

I think I see what they mean…