Take a trip to the wonderfully sweet and funny Ghost Town

What a wonderfully sweet and funny movie gem is writer/director David Koepp’s 2008 romantic comedy GHOST TOWN.

I’ve just watched GHOST TOWN again. And I just had to write this post to tell you what a sweet and funny movie I think it is. I always cry like a baby at the end when almost everything is resolved but not quite. The movie leaves you though at such a brilliant point of hope. If you have the DVD then do check out the ‘making of’ as writer/director David Koepp says in it that’s what he wanted to leave the audience with.

Ricky Gervais, Tea Leoni and Greg Kinnear in Ghost Town

Ricky Gervais’s Pincus tries to win the heart of Tea Leoni’s Gwen without the help of her ex-husband Frank (Greg Kinnear)

I also love the tagline for the film which is such a clever riff on The Sixth Sense – ‘Bertram Pincus sees dead people. And they annoy him.’ Fab!

So, how come Pincus can see dead people? Well, the quirky, nicely jokey script, which showcases the three main actors superbly, explains. Initially prickly and socially inept Manhattan dentist Dr Bertram Pincus (great name) schedules a routine medical procedure but something goes awry and he dies for 7 minutes. The rather annoying result for this particular individual is that he can now see ghosts – and, what’s more, they won’t leave him alone. Ricky Gervais who does prickly and inept so perfectly is brilliantly cast but then he also brings such a sweetness to the character that you really root for him by the end.

One of the ghosts he has to deal with is the scoundrel Frank, played by the always fantastic Greg Kinnear who can’t believe he has to befriend Pincus to help with his situation of preventing his widowed wife from marrying her new boyfriend who he hates. And finally, although there’s probably a list of great actresses who could bring Frank’s widow Gwen to life, no one could do it quite so winningly as the beautifully talented Tea Leoni does. The scenes between her and Gervais are wonderful, as Pincus has to befriend Gwen in order to help Frank, who’s promised that the ghosts will leave Pincus in peace if he does this one small task for him. However, things get much more complicated when Pincus starts to fall for Gwen. If he can just manage that prickly personality of his, maybe he has a chance to win the woman he’s falling in love with?

GHOST TOWN is really one of those films that makes you feel good about life and how people who you may never think you’d connect with, can surprise you and become someone you cherish.

This is an absolute gem of a movie – make a date to see it now!