Examining life after conflict, Fray is a new indie feature to seek out

Looking at the hard life of a battle-scarred war veteran, FRAY is a new independent feature that you should definitely see.

Bryan Kaplan is Justin in Fray

Bryan Kaplan is war veteran Justin

FRAY is the first full-length feature film from the very talented young writer/director Geoff Ryan. He is someone you’ll hear more of, I guarantee it. And the same goes for my good friend Bryan Kaplan – a young actor that you’ll also be hearing about in future – and you can see why with his lead performance in FRAY, a new independent feature you should try and track down on its release.

Kaplan stars as Justin. He’s a soldier who is now back from a tour of duty and we watch him make tentative steps to make a new life for himself back in America. But this is far from easy. He is not only physically scarred, but Justin has also returned home with thoughts of what he’s seen and left behind. The war has left this young Marine traumatised and battle-scarred and the film examines his character’s post-traumatic stress disorder in a respectful and compelling manner.

As Justin tries to hold down a job with his disability to make the rent for his new home, he also tries to build a relationship with the caring Cheri, played by Marisa Costa. We watch as he tries desperately to find a purpose in his new civilian existence and with the movie being set in the wild countryside of the north-western United States, Ryan uses the epic landscape very effectively to counterpoint Justin’s struggle.

The film is due for release this year and is already wowing critics and audiences on the festival circuit and so…

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