An incredible rescue against all the odds is coming to Dunkirk

The bravura writer/director Christopher Nolan looks set to deliver another extraordinary movie with his World War Two epic DUNKIRK.

One of the truly superb film-makers working in cinema today is back. The new movie from the bravura writer/director Christopher Nolan looks a true epic, telling the incredible rescue of allied soldiers from the beaches at DUNKIRK.

In early summer 1940, with World War Two still in its early stages, the German army advancing on the French coast surrounded soldiers from Britain, France, Canada and Belgium on the beaches of the small town of DUNKIRK. To save them, an epic evacuation took place with not only military ships but also civilian boats, all working together to bring the troops home.

As you would expect from the film-maker who in his last two films has knocked us sideways with streets turning upside down in the fabulously mind-bending Inception and seeing what the inside of a wormhole may look like in the magnificent Interstellar, Nolan will use once again CGI cleverly when absolutely needed but always try to shoot as much as possible ‘in camera’ to never lose sight of the human story he’s telling.

Boasting a top-flight cast including returning Nolan actors Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy, we also see Kenneth Branagh, James D’Arcy, Jack Lowden (so great in the BBC War and Peace earlier this year) and Oscar winner Mark Rylance. And with Nolan reuniting with his Interstellar director of photography Hoyte van Hoytema, from the first full trailer of DUNKIRK that’s just been released, it looks as though we have a movie reaching Saving Private Ryan levels of visceral genius.

Mark 21st July 2017 in your diary and take a look…