Disconnect looks like a connection worth making

Online, a stranger can become your closest friend (or enemy) in a second in the new ensemble drama Disconnect.

I first heard about Disconnect when it was screened at last year’s Venice film festival and was immediately struck by what a great cast director Henry Alex Rubin had assembled: Jason Bateman, Paula Patton, Alexander Skarsgard, Andrea Riseborough, Michael Nyqvist and Hope Davis among them.

Now watching the superb first trailer, I can see it also has Jonah Bobo (whose star turn as Steve Carell’s son was one of the highlights in Crazy. Stupid. Love), Max Thieriot (recently seen as Jennifer Lawrence’s neighbour in The House at the End of the Street) and Frank Grillo (one of those brilliant character actors whose work you’ll recognise because over the last couple of years it’s included roles in Warrior, Lay the Favorite, The Grey and End of Watch).

So take a look at what I think will be one of the movies to watch out for this spring.

“Everything you do, someone out there can see.”


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