Gru and the girls return to make Despicable Me 2 twice the fun

A hilarious sequel that’s more than twice the fun, make a date with DESPICABLE ME 2.

“Gru’s back in the game.” Yey! Everyone’s favourite supervillain turned super Dad returns in DESPICABLE ME 2. Chris Renaud and Pierre Coffin’s wonderful creation, voiced to perfection by Steve Carell, is here once again in an even more hilarious sequel to the “He’s so FLUFFY!!!” original.

Gru in Despicable Me 2

Steve Carell is back voicing the amazing Gru

Gru and the girls – Margo, Edith and Agnes – have a pretty great life but what do you know, there’s evil afoot and someone needs to stop it. So when the AVL (Anti Villain League) headed up by the gruffly severe Silas Ramsbottom (an almost unrecognisable but very funny Steve Coogan) have to track down the perpetrator of the theft of a whole Arctic Circle research station, there’s only one man for the job. But instead of just calling him up, they enlist Special Agent Lucy Wilde (the terrific Kristen Wiig) to bring him in. She’s more than a little wacky, so her style should suit Gru down to the ground.

So Gru decides to take on the mission – much to the girls’ excitement – because as Silas says “you know how a villain thinks” and it does mean he gets some very cool new gadgets, goes undercover (with Lucy as his partner) and can escape the ever-present single mom Gillian who’s constantly trying to fix him up with someone. Sounds perfect. All Gru needs to do is to track down the dastardly villain and save the day – simple for an ex-supervillain like him, right?

In the process of this new chapter in Gru and the girls’ life, Coffin and Renaud don’t miss a trick in this magnificent movie. They effortlessly build on what was established in the very funny first film and this time have you laughing out loud one minute and then finding you have a lump in your throat the next. Like most sequels do if they’re smart, it goes emotionally deeper than the first film, pushing the characters into harder choices to do with life and, particularly love, so that when the end arrives, you’ve been on a fantastically satisfying journey.

Gru meets Lucy in Despicable Me 2

Gru meets Special Agent Lucy Wilde

On the voice front, there’s the return of Russell Brand’s kooky scientist Dr Nefario and great new characters to enjoy, from Benjamin Bratt’s smoothly mysterious restauranteur Eduardo to Ken Jeong‘s salon owner Floyd. Kristen Wiig sounds like she’s having a lot of fun as Lucy and is a brilliant new addition and Miranda Cosgrove as Margo, Dana Gaier as Edith and particularly Elsie Fisher as Agnes are adorable. Of course, no review of a DESPICABLE ME film could fail to mention the Minions. They are a dynamite element to the movie and Bob, Stuart, Kevin, Lance (and all the many, many others) provide moment after moment of hysterical pleasure – keep an eye out for those bananas!

Behind the scenes, Pharrell Williams also deserves a mention as he returns with another great collection of songs and his rightly Oscar-nominated ‘Happy’ in particular provides Gru (and us) with a deliriously enjoyable sequence. And finally, let’s not forget Steve Carell, who once again imbues Gru with such heart and humour – the monologue he gives to Lucy and Silas detailing how dangerous the son of the suspected villain is (but really because his daughter Margo fancies him) is one of the absolute hilarious high points in the film.

While the original still stands as an outstanding movie, quite simply DESPICABLE ME 2 is the best-animated feature since Up, so don’t you dare miss it.