The new millennium as seen in Don DeLillo’s Cosmopolis

Take one visionary director David Cronenberg, add one of the finest novelists of the 21st century Don DeLillo, mix in a cast headed by Robert Pattinson and you have COSMOPOLIS.

COSMOPOLIS looks very intriguing indeed. Visionary director David Cronenberg has given some memorable moments on film in his illustrious career to date. He first came to my attention in 1983 with his brilliant version of Stephen King’s chilling, thrilling novel The Dead Zone where Christopher Walken’s kind school teacher Johnny Smith starts having nightmarish visions of future events following a car crash. Or were those visions always a part of him? When he sees that Martin Sheen’s smooth politician Greg Stillson will create havoc if he reaches the highest office in the land, he’s faced with a terrible dilemma. He then followed that with a stunning remake of 1958’s The Fly with the dynamite pairing of Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis.

From there, he created movies like Dead Ringers, Crash, Spider, A History of Violence, Eastern Promises and most recently A Dangerous Method. He seems the absolute perfect person to bring celebrated novelist Don DeLillo‘s fantasy thriller to the screen.

Mix in a stellar cast that includes Paul Giamatti, Juliette Binoche, Samantha Morton, Jay Baruchel, Kevin Durand and Mathieu Amalric and is headed up by Robert Pattinson – a world away from Twilight – and you have a dark, unsettling, riveting journey of one man desiring more.

What do you want?…