Inside the mind of Christopher Nolan to unveil The Dark Knight Rises

Batman is coming back in The Dark Knight Rises courtesy of the brilliant mind of its director CHRISTOPHER NOLAN.

I’ll really try and restrain myself from posting too much about the forthcoming The Dark Knight Rises but I’m beyond excited at seeing the third and final film in this brilliant Batman series! But what I can talk about is its brilliant director CHRISTOPHER NOLAN. And then, in a way, we will be talking about the movie!

The Dark Knight Rises poster

The Dark Knight Rises poster

NOLAN, of course, first made a real cinematic splash with the extraordinary thriller Memento in 2000. Coming two years after his feature debut in 1998 with Following, a black-and-white-shot mystery, Memento saw him nominated for a Best Original Screenplay Oscar and it was clear there was a new, super-talented auteur on the movie scene. Then throughout the 2000s, he delivered film after film of exquisite scope and vision. A brilliant remake of the excellent Norwegian thriller Insomnia in 2002 saw him illicit superb performances from Al Pacino, Hilary Swank and the great Robin Williams and then in 2005, the reimagining of Gotham City’s avenger got off to a thrilling start with Batman Begins. Its sequel The Dark Knight, which followed in 2008 with an Oscar-winning Heath Ledger as the Joker, is rightly regarded by many as a near-perfect action thriller. And let’s not forget that in-between the Batman movies, NOLAN gave us the terrific magician drama The Prestige in 2006 and the mind-bending thriller Inception in 2010.

So, following the 7-minute preview of The Dark Knight Rises screened as a trailer before selected IMAX showings of the new Mission: Impossible film, the man behind this genius re-invention of the DC Comics most iconic figure has given this interview in the L.A. Times offering some tantalising insights into what we can expect come July 2012.

So, let’s journey inside NOLAN’s mind to unveil all things bat…

Developing Batman once more