Captain Phillips could steer this drama into Oscar waters

Tom Hanks. Paul Greengrass. An incredible true story. Perhaps an Oscar isn’t far away for the gripping new drama Captain Phillips.

After an almost real-time teaser, we have the first full trailer for director Paul Greengrass’ new film Captain Phillips, charting the real-life story of the events that followed the boarding by Somali pirates of the freighter Maersk Alabama in 2009. Captaining the ship was Richard Phillips, here played with all his terrific Saving Private Ryan and Apollo 13 gravitas by Tom Hanks and with Greengrass at the helm, I’m sure we can expect the same nerve-shredding tension that he brought to the 9/11 drama United 93, the underrated Iraq WMD expose Green Zone and of course the two superb Jason Bourne pictures, The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum.

Alongside Hanks, Greengrass has assembled the always brilliant Catherine Keener to play Phillips’ wife Andrea, Yul Vazquez (great in The A-Team) and Corey Johnson (a Bourne regular) for the cast and the brilliant Billy Ray – Breach, State of Play, Shattered Glass -for the screenplay.

So take a look at what’s in store come October.


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