A killer article to read is Assassination at the Movies

“You make the move. It’s your move… You talkin’ to me? Well I’m the only one here.”

Travis Bickle said it so memorably.

Taxi DriverHere’s a spot on, terrifically researched article Assassination at the Movies by Michael Newton, that looks in detail at John Hinckley’s extreme effort to get Jodie Foster’s attention by shooting President Reagan and how little it may have actually been connected to Taxi Driver, whilst also examining how assassins have been portrayed on film.

The Parallax View, JFK, The Manchurian Candidate, North by Northwest, Grosse Point Blank, Nikita, Executive Action, The Day of the Jackal and many more are put under the microscope in this fascinating read.

Fella, you don’t know what this story means.

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