Take your aim and pick American Sniper

Clint Eastwood directs Bradley Cooper in the riveting looking real-life drama AMERICAN SNIPER.

The story of Chris Kyle, a Navy SEAL credited with 160 kills, looks really riveting stuff in the new film from Clint Eastwood, AMERICAN SNIPER.

Whilst Chris (a powerful Bradley Cooper) picks off enemy after enemy in war-torn Iraq, he struggles to come to terms with the emotion of what he’s doing, as well as being a husband and father back home. I tweeted in admiration of the movie’s teaser released a while back but the new trailer that’s just hit the web (which you can check out below) is quite something – a beautifully composed collection of scenes, together with the early critical responses to the film, promises something that will both move and challenge.

Eastwood is behind the camera once again creating a gripping and emotional movie as only he can. His last picture, the film version of the musical Jersey Boys, seemed quite a departure from the majority of his previous work and here he returns to examining what violence can do to someone, a theme he so memorably explored in his masterpiece Unforgiven. And Bradley Cooper continues to astonish as a performer. I thought he was stunning in his first real dramatic role as the lead in Neil Burger’s tremendous Limitless  and he also gave a superbly nuanced portrayal in The Place Beyond the Pines. So now after the brace of David O. Russell films – Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle – both of which brought him ‘Best Actor’ Oscar nominations – he delivers a portrayal as gritty and focused as you could wish for, depicting this man’s life and the awful tragedy that he was then part of.

Cooper has said in an interview how “I felt I had a tremendous honour to be able to pretend to be him” and from what you see in the trailer, this is certainly a performance that does that sentiment justice.