A man and a boat on the open ocean – when that man is Robert Redford and the boat and ocean are courtesy of writer/director J. C. Chandor, you have the makings of a gripping drama in ALL IS LOST.

I’m becoming quite an admirer of the super-talented writer/director J.C. Chandor as his new film ALL IS LOST displays once again his cracking skill at storytelling. I loved Margin Call his spot-on 2011 feature debut with a jaw-droppingly great cast that examined the early days of the financial crisis. But he’s followed up that Oscar-nominated ensemble drama with something even more startling.

ALL IS LOST involves one actor and one location. But when that location is a boat on the open ocean and that actor is the peerless Robert Redford – in what some critics are calling his finest hour in an incredible career – you have all the makings of an absolutely gripping drama. When an accident causes his boat to leak, the unnamed man has to struggle, against ever-growing odds, to survive. I heard about it when the film stunned audiences and critics at this year’s Cannes film festival.

So I sought out the trailer and was wowed. The movie opens in America in October and the UK at the end of November.

Take a look at what’s store for us…