Surely for Robert Redford it can’t be All Is Lost

A man and a boat on the open ocean. When that man is Robert Redford and the boat and ocean is courtesy of Margin Call’s J. C. Chandor, you have the makings of a gripping drama in All Is Lost.

All Is LostI loved Margin Call, writer / director J. C. Chandor’s spot-on examination of the early days of the financial crisis and he’s followed up that Oscar nominated ensemble drama with something even more startling.

All Is Lost involves one actor and one location. But when that location is a boat on the open ocean and that actor is the peerless Robert Redford (in what some critics are calling his finest hour in an incredible career), you have all the makings of an absolutely gripping drama. When an accident causes his boat to leak, the unnamed man has to struggle, against ever-growing odds, to survive. I heard about it when the film stunned audiences and critics at this year’s Cannes film festival. So I sought out the trailer and was wowed. It opens in America in October and the UK at the end of November, so take a look at what’s store for us…


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