For nominees or winners what’s life like After The Oscars?

The Academy Awards is the most famous of all the award shows but what happens to the winners (or losers) AFTER THE OSCARS?

The gorgeous gold statuettes called Oscar

The gorgeous gold statuettes called Oscar

For the nominees, once those words “And the winner is…” are spoken and all the hoopla has died down, what is life like AFTER THE OSCARS?

I absolutely love the now iconic image of Faye Dunaway sitting by a pool with her ‘Best Actress’ Oscar from 1977 on the morning after she won for her performance as Diana Christensen in Sidney Lumet’s incredible movie Network. The picture, courtesy of photographer Terry O’Neill who went on to marry her, will forever sum up for me what the experience might feel like. Whether you’re a winner or a loser, it’s an exhausting evening to experience.

This year, director Michel Hazanavicius’ sublime silent film The Artist triumphed – hurrah! – and so I wonder how he and his leading actor Jean Dujardin, who also triumphed, are feeling? I’m sure elated but possibly something else too?

Here, the celebrated Guardian film critic Peter Bradshaw brings his own experiences about watching the ceremony each year and offers thoughts on how the winners and losers may deal with the days and weeks following the biggest movie awards ceremony there is…

the Oscars comedown