McClane is back again in A Good Day to Die Hard

Say yippee ki-yay as Detective John McClane is back again in A Good Day To Die Hard.

A Good Day to Die HardI really loved Live Free or Die Hard – also known as just plain old Die Hard 4.0  – and after a 12 year gap from the series 3rd instalment Die Hard with a Vengeance, it was nice to see an older, perhaps not altogether wiser but definitely still kick-ass Detective John McClane (the fabulous Bruce Willis by any other name) back on our screens. Now, following last times tussle with cyber terrorists accompanied by his daughter Lucy (very sassily played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead), he teams up with his son John Jr. (Jai Courtney looking very much like a chip of the old block) to take on the Russians in Die Hard 5 or more commonly known as A Good Day to Die Hard.

So get ready for mayhem aplenty because the one-man nightmare for bad guys is here, as you can see in this gloriously fun and action-packed teaser trailer that’s now out. Go get ’em John…

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