The world can be a cold and ruthless place in 99 Homes


Are Andrew Garfield and Michael Shannon friends or foes in 99 HOMES, the upcoming drama from writer/director Ramin Bahrani?

Independent writer/director Ramin Bahrani has really hit the big time with his new drama 99 HOMES. Securing the talents of the splendid Andrew Garfield and the stunning Michael Shannon his film which premiered at last year’s Venice and Toronto film festivals, although set in 2010, focuses on the very real housing problems still facing a lot of Americans today and looks not to be missed from this trailer.

Garfield is Dennis Nash, who lives with his young son Connor (Noah Lomax) and his mother Lynn (played by the wonderful Laura Dern). His world is turned upside down one day when Michael Shannon’s brutal real estate broker Rick Carver enters their lives. Evicting the single father and his family from their home is just the start of Nash’s relationship with Carver, as he soon realises that the only way open to him earning enough money to reclaim his home, is to work for the very man who’s become his nemesis.

“America doesn’t bail out losers.” says Carver, “America was built by bailing out winners.” It’s a ruthless world out there but in 99 HOMES, it also looks a thrillingly told one by Bahrani, Garfield and Shannon.

Take a look…